Solar Energy Industry

Solar Energy Market Explodes

The explosion of the solar power market is fueled by the convergence of several environmental, technological, and geo-political trends. The increase in fossil fuel prices, the need to reduce America’s reliance on foreign energy, financial stimuli for green energy sources, major technological advances, and environmentalism all contribute to the sector’s phenomenal growth.

Fraser Steel Develops Heliostat Chassis


Fraser Steel is uniquely positioned to serve the utility-scale sector of the burgeoning solar power generation industry..

  • Fraser is among the first tubular steel manufacturers to develop prototypes for heliostat chassis used in building solar power tower plants.
  • Fraser has nearly 40 years of experience in the manufacture of tubular chassis. It’s chassis are the backbone of heliostat, trough, dish, and photovoltaic supporting structures.
  • Fraser has collaborated with large scale solar energy generators to reduce the cost of heliostats, which represents a significant portion of the heliostat power plant investment.
  • As a member of the the Solar Electric Power Association, Fraser has the inside track on solar energy industry trends.

Scalable Production Capabilities

Fraser Steel’s services include design, prototype, and full-scale manufacture of tubular assemblies for the solar power generation industry. It has the flexibility to produce quantities of one to a million.


Fraser Steel designs and builds heliostat assemblies for utility-scale solar power tower plants, also called heliostat power plants.

Photo used with permission of Solar Electric Power Association

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