Retail Displays

Fraser Steel works closely with retail display designers to produce
store fixtures, shelving and racks that efficiently showcase merchandise
and encourage impulse buys.

Merchandising Displays, Fixtures & Shelving

Fraser Steel produces tubular parts and products for retail display, storage and material handling manufacturers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Its parts are used in a surprisingly wide array of retail merchandising display and marketing applications:

  • Store fixtures and racks
  • Shelving
  • Point-of-purchase (POP) displays
  • Checkout or point-of-sale (POS) displays
  • Enclosures and showcases
  • Kiosks
  • Storage
  • Trade show exhibits
  • Freestanding store-within-a-store systems
  • Front-end merchandising (FEM) fixtures

The retail products promoted by these merchandising display systems are equally diverse – from pizzas, cell phones, and cosmetics to guitars.

Fraser also makes parts and components for storage and material handling carts. These carts are used by manufacturers and supply chain businesses to efficiently store, transport and merchandise products throughout the supply chain network.

From Single Prototypes To National Rollouts

Fraser Steel works closely with retail display designers to perfect and produce attention-getting POPs that showcase new products, build national brands, and encourage impulse buys. Fraser can produce a prototype in as little as 24 hours – a true advantage in the time-sensitive world of retail sales. It is often called upon to create pilot displays for major retailers that can be tested in one outlet and rolled out nationally a few weeks later. As a “flexible-scale manufacturer”, Fraser is unique in its ability to produce quantities of one to several thousand.

Exact Tolerances For Replicability

Since national rollouts of displays are never installed by the same crew, the parts and components used to assemble the displays need to meet exact tolerances for replicability. That’s where Fraser Steel really shines. It makes tubular applications requiring close tolerances, high quality standards and short turn times.

Just-In-Time Inventory Management

As an added convenience, Fraser Steel can warehouse display products for just-in-time delivery to individual stores around the U.S. and Canada. It offers complete inventory management, logistics, and store fulfillment services.

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