Robotic Welding

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One-Stop Shop For Tubular Assemblies

Fraser Steel streamlines the production process by offering on-site, state-of-the-art robotic welding. It’s part of our company’s commitment to saving customers time, hassle, and cost. It reflects our role as a one-stop shop for precision tubular components and assemblies.

What Makes Us Unique

Another advantage of the one-stop shop approach to production comes with the combination of our welding and laser tube cutting departments. These two departments work in concert so that a proper cope or miter fit is ensured. This adds value to the finished assemblies in greater precision and lowers costs by reducing production time.

Robotic Welding Pneumatic Fixture

Robotic & Hand Welding Capabilities

Our highly automated welding capabilities include an extra-large work envelope and CNC positioners for the ultimate in coordinated movement. Each welding robot is outfitted with a double-sided work bench which allows welding, loading, and unloading to happen simultaneously.

The plant is also equipped to do hand MIG and TIG welding when an assembly requires it. Our welded assemblies include:

  • Laser processed tubes
  • Formed tubes
  • Stampings and wire forms
  • Casting and forgings
  • Bushings and bosses
  • Machined components

Commitment to the Environment and our Employees

We have invested heavily in making sure that our air filtration systems exceed the industry required standard. This makes our shop a safe place to work, and it reduces our impact on the environment.

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