Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering SWAT Team

Fraser Steel’s design and engineering SWAT team is made up of production, engineering, and product design specialists who have a knack for solving problems. They are innovators and trouble-shooters. They anticipate things that could go wrong, and quickly resolve issues that get in the way of precision, performance, or efficiency. Team members are especially adept at reducing cycle time and trimming unnecessary material and labor costs.

Trouble-Shooting Throughout Production

Our Highly trained SWAT team helps customers at any stage of the design/production process:

  • Engineering Design Stage: The team evaluates new product designs, produces rapid prototypes, and applies laser tube cutting techniques to customers’ products. Laser cutting can change the way the parts are made and improve production of the entire assembly, so the team considers the relationship between the two when making recommendations.
  • Production Stage: The team steps in to ensure that precise tolerances are achieved and delivery dates are met.
  • Welding Stage: The team proposes enhancements to product design that will improve efficiency and trim costs in the welding process.
  • Delivery Stage: We carry the principle of continuous improvement beyond manufacturing to just-in-time delivery. It accommodates the inventory flow practice that our customers require.

CAD Design Capabilities

Customers value our depth of expertise in product design and rapid prototyping. Before the production process even begins, you can trust our team to:

  • Complete rapid prototyping and product testing
  • Produce accurate cost/benefit analyses and production estimates for each design
  • Help management make more informed decisions and avoid costly missteps

Our design and engineering SWAT team uses Solidworks software and the latest in laser tube technology to help customers improve their product designs and production processes. Customers can submit CAD files electronically and be contacted within one business day.

TUV-Logo“Our team is committed to meeting our customers’ requirements through our dedication to continuous improvement and by delivering world-class quality products and services!”