Fraser Steel helps agricultural equipment manufacturers reduce cycle
time and trim costs by streamlining production of tubular parts,
components and assemblies.

Agricultural Equipment Innovations

Fraser Steel draws upon its extensive experience in two related industries – lawn and garden equipment, and automotive – to help agricultural equipment manufacturers improve products or streamline production. It consistently delivers high-quality solutions at less cost, and in less time, than traditional ag industry providers. Fraser’s advantage comes from its ability to consolidate numerous fabrication steps into one continuous, precise process. It also shortens cycle times by sequencing multiple processes in-house – including laser tube cutting, custom tube bending, and machining.

Broad Agriculture Machinery Applications

Fraser Steel designs, engineers and fabricates a wide variety of tubular parts, components and assemblies for the domestic agricultural market. Its products are used in tractors, harvesters, combines, planting equipment, implements and other heavy farm machinery.

Fraser Steel delivers complete engineered solutions in the production of:

  • Roll Over Protection Structures (ROPS)
  • Roll cages and roll bars
  • Cab enclosures
  • Chassis and frames
  • Suspension assemblies
  • Exhaust
  • Axles
  • Support
  • Bushing and spacers

Fraser-produced ROPS routinely pass the government-mandated Charpy impact test, a critical gauge of product safely. This standardized, high strain-rate test determines the amount of energy absorbed by a material during fracture. The absorbed energy is a measure of the material’s toughness and resiliency.

Supplier To Large & Small OEMs

While Fraser Steel makes products for leading agricultural OEMs, it also is a vital resource to small ag manufacturers needing custom-built chassis, frames and tubular steel parts. Fraser’s versatile engineering and design team can build to CAD or build to print. Its quality technicians are up to speed on PPAP, FEMA, and 1st Article processes.

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