Solar Structures

Fraser Steel builds heliostat assemblies for utility-scale solar power,
tower power plants, also call heliostat power plants. Heliostats are mirrored
devices which track the movement of the sun. They focus the sun’s energy into
a central tower, which converts solar energy to electricity.

Utility-Scale Solar Power Structures

Fraser Steel is one of the first tubular steel manufacturers in America to develop prototypes for heliostat chassis used in utility-scale solar powerplants. Its tubular chassis form the backbone of the next generation of heliostat, trough, dish and photovoltaic supporting structures. They are in demand by solar power tower plants around the world.

One-Stop Heliostat Chassis Productions

Fraser Steel offers large-scale solar energy producers a complete chassis solution. From designing heliostat prototypes to producing finished runs of 100,000 or more, Fraser manages every step in the production process. This one-stop approach guarantees maximum efficiency and accountability. It also keeps costs competitive.

Fraser is experienced in global logistics, so getting heliostat structures to remote locations is second nature.

Steel Or Aluminum Materials

Structures are formed from A500 of A513 mild or stainless steel, or aluminum. Once fabricated, they are painted, plated or galvanized in one of Fraser’s ultra-efficient production cells.

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