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Pioneer & Powerhouse

Fraser Steel is a pioneer in precision laser tube cutting. We were the first contract manufacturer in the nation to invest in a laser tube cutting machine. That was in 2001; since then we have acquired six more tube cutting lasers making our fleet the largest of any contract manufacturer in North America. Our unique combination of capacity, experience, and proven success makes us the preferred choice for high-precision laser cutting jobs.

Adding Value Without Adding Cost

Investing in laser tube cutting technology has allowed our team to trim manufacturing costs by reducing or optimizing the tube fabrication process. Parts that require several features such as slots, holes, miters, copes or profiles can be produced faster, with greater precision, and at a lower cost than traditional tube fabrication processes.

Precision & Efficiency

Fraser Steel’s BLM Adige laser tube cutting machines consolidate up to six different fabrication steps into one continuous process. In most applications this removes 60-80% of the labor required by conventional methods. These fully automated machines feature multi-axis laser systems that add real value to tubular assemblies and parts without adding tooling costs. They can produce:

  • Multiple part features without multiple processes
  • Enhanced accuracy and repeatability
  • Closer tolerances
  • Precise profiles, copes, miters and edges
  • Odd and complex end shapes
  • Accurate slots and holes

Parts produced on BLM Adige laser tube cutting machines typically hold a tolerance of +/- 0.005 inches. In practice Fraser-produced parts are much more accurate and consistent than parts produced by contract manufacturers.

Explore A Range of Applications

Our tube cutters handle a wide range of materials, from mild and stainless steel to aluminum. They accommodate an equally broad range of shapes, from round or oval to rectangle and even profile tubes. They process a variety of diameters, from ½ inch to 6 inch and up to ¼ inch in wall thickness.

Collaboration Yields Innovative End Products

The engineers here at Fraser Steel work closely with customers to design parts that work better and more economically. This collaborative approach leads to true innovation and meaningful cost savings.

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