Bushings, Couplings & Spacers

Fraser-made bushings, couplings and spacers are in high-demand among
domestic and foreign automotive manufacturers that require close tolerances
and high productivity.

Close Tolerances At High Volume

Fraser Steel is unique in its ability to produce bushings, couplings, and spacers with very close tolerances and ultra-high productivity. Unlike most of its domestic competitors, Fraser delivers both precision and speed – making it the economical choice for quality-driven manufacturers.

Technology is the defining difference. Fraser has invested in specialized equipment capable of close machined tolerances at high output volumes. And it has the skilled production staff to meet the exacting standards of its customers, particularly those in the automotive and agricultural markets.

End Finishes & Materials

Anything that can be done to a bushing, coupling, or spacer, Fraser Steel can do. Its machinists can add features like:

  • Chamfers
  • Radius or depth angles
  • Counter-bores
  • Grooves
  • Threads
  • Knurls

Fraser works with a wide range of materials, most under the umbrella of J525 hydraulic and A513 mechanical tubing. It accommodates the specific finishing needs of OEMs, offering heat-treating, grinding, and zinc plating. It is RoHS-compliant meaning it limits the use of hazardous substances in its finishing processes.

PPAP Quality Control

Fraser Steel employs the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) to ensure that outsourced components comply with its customer’s high quality requirements. PPAP is part of Fraser’s commitment to exacting quality.

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